Do I need to prepare anything before the course?
Yes, all participants are expected to prepare a short presentation, 5-10 minutes long. In case your presentation is accompanied by PowerPoint, you will need to bring the PP file on USB stick or email it to the trainer in advance. My course is highly practical and we’ll use your presentation as a part of speaking exercises.

Do I need to bring my laptop along?
No, you don’t. You only need a pen and a paper for note-taking.

How good should my English be in order to take part in your course?
The courses are held in English so you should be a fluent English speaker. However, if you don’t feel comfortable presenting in English (and your studies/work don’t require it), you may actually do practical speaking exercises in your mother tongue. In case you choose to do so, you are required to provide an English summary of your presentation as a handout.

I am a very nervous speaker and am concerned over the other participants that will be in the group.
You shouldn’t be – keep in mind the others are just like you and come to the course to learn. Also, you’ll be in a group with a maximum of three other participants. Keeping a friendly and relaxed atmosphere is one of my priorities and a reason why the number of participants is limited to four.

Do you offer 1-2-1 sessions?
Yes, please contact me with your requirements and we’ll arrange 1-2-1 training.

Do you offer coaching via Skype?
Sessions via Skype are available only as a follow-up for those who already took part in one of my courses.

Do you offer in-house training for companies?
Yes, I do. Please contact me for more information.

Are your courses available only in Hamburg?
Individual coaching sessions are available only in Hamburg but group trainings and in-house coaching for companies can be organized throughout Germany. Please contact me with your requirements and I’ll give my best to offer you a suitable arrangement.